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CMR presented a poster at the 2015 American Society of Preventive Oncology (ASPO) 39th Annual Meeting held in Birmingham, Alabama. The poster titled ‘Digital Screening Mammography Performance by Race’ sought to examine if digital screening mammography performance differs by race in a large population based sample of women in North Carolina. Digital screening mammograms for women ages 40 and older who had an examination in the CMR from 2003-2010 were included.

We calculated the recall rate, sensitivity, specificity, and positive predictive value for black and white women separately. We assessed if there were differences in these performance measures by race, age, and breast density. We also described the tumor characteristics of the cancers for black and white women. The proportion of mammograms that were true positive, false positive, true negative, and false negative were similar by race. The recall rate was similar for black and white women (8.60 vs. 8.49, respectively). Also comparable were the sensitivity (83.70 vs. 82.37), specificity (91.77 vs. 91.92) and PPV1 (4.77 vs. 5.31) for black and white women. After stratification by race, age and breast density, no differences in recall rate or performance measures were found. Our results indicate that digital screening mammography performed equally well in black and white women and that the performance of digital screening mammography does not appear to play a role in racial breast cancer disparities.

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