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The Carolina Mammography Data System (CMDS) is CMR’s custom radiology information software for data capture, reporting, tracking, and monitoring breast imaging procedures.


  • Helps facilities meet MQSA reporting requirements and the breast density notification law*
  • Facilitates tracking and follow-up of positive assessments and outstanding patients
  • Generates letters for patient reminders, mammography reports, and pathology reports
  • Creates reports for mammography quality control and medical outcomes audit

*CMDS is designed to be consistent with MQSA reporting requirements and the breast density law; however, each facility is responsible for ensuring its own compliance with such requirements, as applicable.

CMR deployed a major upgrade to CMDS in spring/summer 2015.

The upgrade features:

  • Expanded options for easy navigation
  • Color-coded tags for tracking of outstanding patients
  • Capability to capture advanced imaging procedures such as MRI and tomosynthesis
  • Streamlined data entry for follow-up of BI-RADS 4/5
  • Redesigned pathology outcomes

Practices that participate in CMR will be offered the opportunity to acquire CMDS. CMR provides on-site installation and training as well as technical support.

If you are interested in learning more, please email