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Investigators: Sarah J. Nyante (PI), Jay Crawford, Louise Henderson, Cherie Kuzmiak, Di Wu

Funding Source: University Cancer Research Fund

Funding Duration: 2018-2020

Description: Mammographic density is linked to both breast cancer risk and the ability to detect breast tumors. As such, accurate mammographic density assessment is critical for developing breast cancer screening and risk management strategies. In a majority of imaging practices, mammographic density is assessed visually by a radiologist using a four-level scale. However, such visual assessments are subjective and have poor reproducibility compared with measurements from automated software. Moreover, automated software calculates mammographic density as a quantitative, continuous measure (percent density), which allows for greater precision. The objective of this study is to establish an image bank within the Carolina Mammography Registry (CMR) to enable the integration of percent mammographic density into studies of breast cancer screening, risk, and survival among women in North Carolina. We will use a case-cohort design, in which the first case group will consist of women recalled for additional imaging after a screening mammogram. In this way, we will evaluate the association between quantitative density and screening recall, while laying the foundation for future studies of how density and other quantitative breast composition measures may affect breast tumor detection and tumor characteristics.