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Investigators: Diana Miglioretti (PI), Louise Henderson (UNC PI)

Funding Source: National Cancer Institute

Funding Duration: 2017-2022

Description: In an era of multiple breast imaging modalities, ensuring that women receive the most effective modality (or modalities) at the appropriate time is critical to maximizing the benefit-to-harm ratio of screening and surveillance. This study addresses 3 projects to explore risk-based approaches to breast cancer screening. Project 1 involves a new risk assessment paradigm to predict screening detection, failures and false alarms. Project 2 includes breast cancer screening strategies in the era of new technologies and project 3 explores risk-based imaging strategies to improve breast cancer surveillance outcomes. The goal of this study is to provide relevant and timely information to guide women, providers, policymakers and healthcare delivery systems in identifying the most effective breast cancer screening and surveillance strategies. This study is being conducted by the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium and associated Mammography Registries.