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Investigators: Diana Buist, Diana Miglioretti, Berta Geller, Louise Henderson, Karla Kerlikowske, Tracy Onega, Brian Sprague

Funding Sources: National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society

Funding Duration: 2007 – 2013

Description: The purpose of this project was to improve radiologists’ interpretive skills by rigorously evaluating factors that influence performance measures. This was accomplished by designing and testing strategies to improve performance in a national sample of 321 radiologists from the NCI-funded Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium (BCSC). This study was performed in collaboration with five other BCSC sites.

As part of this research, the BCSC created assessment test sets consisting of screening mammograms from community practice. Radiologists from community practice were recruited to complete the test sets to evaluate their interpretative skills and determine if performance on test sets is associated with performance in clinical practice. Additionally, the study developed and tested interventions designed to improve mammography interpretation skills.