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CMR presented a poster at the 2014 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) meeting on Health Disparities held in San Antonio, Texas. The poster titled ‘Performance of Digital Diagnostic Mammography by Race’ sought to ascertain if digital diagnostic mammography performance differed among black and white women in the United States. Using CMR data from 2004-2011 we included all digital diagnostic mammograms performed among black and white women ages 18 and older in the analysis.

After adjusting for the radiologists’ effect, as well as patient and tumor characteristics, the models detected significant racial differences for all performance measures. Sensitivity was 5.1% higher for blacks than whites (P-value for difference <0.0001), specificity was 2.2% lower for blacks (P value <0.0001), PPV2 was 1.3% lower for blacks (P value =0.038), and CDR was 0.17/1000 higher for blacks (P value =0.005).

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